Arrival Time

We do our best to arrive at the first part of the arrival time given.  For example, if your appointment is for 2 - 3pm, we will do our best to arrive closer to 2pm.  Customers need to be available during the whole arrival time frame and you can not request for us to come at a later time.

If we arrive to an appointment and no one is home or the pet is not available or are asked to come at a later time, there will be a no call/no show fee of $75

We have the right to no longer off our services or cancel all future appointments .

​We are a luxury pet grooming service who operate as maintenance groomers. All of our dog grooming clients are on a re-occurring schedule of at least every 8 weeks depending on you and your pets needs. Dogs and cats requiring only a bath package do not have to be on a schedule. If we are the right fit for you and your pet after your first visit, we will go ahead and pre-book you for the year.  We believe in the many health benefits of having your pet groomed regularly which is an important part of your pets life.

​We have no breed restrictions but we will not accept pets whom are aggressive, have health or behavioral issues or whom are difficult for the grooming process.​

​We only accept new pets under the age of 10. 

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Senior Pets 

We may ask for a deposit in order to hold your appointment spot.  Your deposit will go towards the cost of the service.  If the appointment is canceled or asked to be rescheduled, the deposit is then forfeited.  

Who We Are


Your Pets Well Being


We love our gray faced fur babies! At this time we are only accepting new clients 10 years and younger.  Depending on the pets age and health condition, we may opt to groom your pet for comfort rather than looks. This means, we do our best to get your senior pet done quicker. We also allow all pets to sit or lay down through the groom process.  Sometimes their legs and or belly may come back a touch damp because of that. 

First and foremost your pets well being always comes first. We believe in a calm  and soothing atmosphere; so we do our best to provide a nice low stress environment.  We will never force a pet to do something it does not want to do. We do not muzzle dogs for grooming or service aggressive dogs. All known health or behavioral  issues need to be discussed prior to appointments. We have the right to turn away pets that do not fit our criteria. 


By booking an appointment with us, you hereby agree and accept all of our policies. 

All cancelations need to be made 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

That gives us enough time to fill your appointment slot. Due to the complexities of routing, it is very difficult to put someone into your canceled appointment with out at least a 24 hour notice. 

Any cancelations that are made in under 24 hours of your appointment time will be charged a $50 cancelation fee. 

If we arrive to an appointment and no one is home or the pet is not available, there will be a no call/no show fee of $75  

We have the right to no longer offer our services and or cancel future appointments if ANY cancelations occur in under 24 hours of your appointment.