What We Offer: 

A few benefits of mobile vs a shop is the convenience of the salon coming to you, complete one on one attention, no cages or rooms full of barking dogs and no exposure to possible sick animals.  We offer a low stress environment and the grooming process typically takes half the time a shop would.

We use high end / luxury human grade products, including all natural / organic ($60 a gallon) shampoo/conditioners by Espree.

Espree uses organic Aloe Vera farmed in the USA in all of their shampoo and conditioners. The Aloe Vera is used in place of water and the benefits are remarkable.  

​Your pets well being always comes first with us and we ensure your furry friend is receiving nothing but the best in care and comfort. ​​

​We only accept new pets under the age of 10. 

​We have NO breed restrictions but we do not accept pets who are aggressive or have health or behavioral issues or whom are difficult for the grooming process.

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